Mercy's Dr. Jonathan Rich, D.O., and Kristian Morey RD, LDN Discuss Role of Diet on Gout

January 20, 2020


While men get gout more, women are not immune and those who have ever had it know it's extremely painful.

The human body deposits uric acid crystals in a joint, irritating it and causing it to be inflamed.

According to Mercy primary care physician Dr. Jonathan Rich, D.O.,  people can get gout in any joint, and you'll definitely know when it's time to see the doctor.

"The classic joint that it happens in is the toe, in one of the toes and one of the classic symptoms is that even if you have a bed sheet touching it, it's painful," Dr. Rich said.

Gout is sometimes linked with obesity, so changing your diet might help with the symptoms. Clinical dietitian Kristian Morey, RD, LDN, said one change would be taking on a low-purine diet.

"Purines tend to be found in certain food groups, particularly organ meats, red meats, some seafood and as far as alcohol, particularly beer and liquor," Morey said.

Some good swaps include choosing oysters over sardines, sparkling water over soda and a vegetarian soup over beef stew, she noted.

Medicine to treat gout is also an effective treatment for gout.

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